Envato Studio is closing on 21 August.
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Envato Studio is closing.
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Can't find what you are looking for? I also do custom projects based on your brief.

3D Modeling & Visualization

Vertex 3D Studio offers a deeper and faster look into the construction process of architecture. You provide the layout we design, that's our motto. Innovation and new technologies help us become faster and provide better results for your Architectural renderings and models. Our studio also does modeling services that range from simple to some quite advanced models. Combined with the greatest toolkits and backed up by a bulky hardware Vertex 3D Studios are bringing your creations to life.

We at Vertex take pricing and price management very seriously, providing the client with a spot on price for his project. Rendering fees gradually decrease as the work and the scale of the project increases, meaning that if a client wants more renders from his desired project from an already modeled scene he doesn't have to pay the full fee. We provide our clients with the best possible renders for their money.

Animations are a large factor of any visualization that we do. In most cases the prices of these animations are sky high and clients tend to go elsewhere or not do them at all. Vertex does just the opposite and encourages clients to make their project into an animated masterpiece, for low prices as well.

Customer gets impression of his new project
Helps in decision making
Cheap production costs
Photorealistic rendering