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I was born at a very young age... or is that going back a little too far? As I'm sure you can guess, I've never been any good at these little intro things, but for the sake of completion I'll be happy to give it a shot. I suppose what anyone who is reading this is interested in is my development background, so I'll focus on that.

I've been developing in one way or another for as long as I can remember... my first program was for a Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 (that's a REALLY old, pre-Windows computer)! With the advent of the Internet, I found a new medium and never looked back!

These days my platform of choice is WordPress, so the vast majority of my development revolves around WordPress plugins... but I'm not necessarily opposed to other work at times. To date, I've written about 60 WordPress plugins that are publicly available (both free and commercial), and roughly 12 others that are not publicly available (covered under NDA or developed for a specific customer request/environment). I also founded and am the lead developer for Redux Framework, an open-source, standards-compliant theme and plugin framework for WordPress and a core developer for the awesome Easy Digital Downloads platform.