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Envato Studio is closing.
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IndiaJoined November 2013

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Can't find what you are looking for? I also do custom projects based on your brief.

I am a freelance logo and graphic designer. I'm known for my design work for major online businesses. I'm hired for my unique and creative style, which is awesome, because I love the ability, to express myself through logo designs. I also design logos as per client specifications. I'm always expanding on my abilities and methods when it comes to my art. I enjoy trying new ways of being expressive through art. The ever-expanding possibilities of design keep me from ever being bored. So, if I had to say I have a style it would be "Progressive", not based on the style or genre of my art, but based on my ambition to always be open to new ideas and artistic concepts, and to incorporate them into my work so that my artwork and myself are always progressing. :)