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Envato Studio is closing.
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We are your best solution for any of your graphic and web needs. We are eDesigns Company, a team of handsome chicos and pretty señoritas located in Guatemala that can help your business by taking over of your internet needs saving you money and time.

We can help you with:
- HTML5 and CSS3 development.
- Graphic design, UI layouts design, Web and Apps design.
- Translation English-Spanish-English.
- Web and Web Apps Coding and development.
- Emailing Services.
- Social Media Marketing and Management.

Offices in Miami with HQ in Guatemala. Our location works perfect with any of your timezones. We are available at the time you need it the most.

Here you will find the ones in popular demand. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

- Front End Code: 
We develop and program any type of web site. If you are a designer and you need a hand with programming, let us take care of the programming part. After all, it is our passion.

- Graphic Design: 
We design and develop life-long branding using the skills of our talented graphic designers.

- Web & Apps: 
We develop and designs amazing websites, web apps and mobile applications (IOS/Androd) capable of executing whatever job is necessary for you or your customers. We can even create conditional forms or complete applications for businesses that require on-line management.

- Cloud Hosting: 
We have the best Cloud Hosting service available on Linux distributions, administered and supported by us. Don’t pull your hair out trying to administer your own server! Leave that work to the experts! It’s part of the service we offer.

- Email Service (by Mailtrust™): 
We have the best system for e-mails, capable of providing up to 25GB of space per e-mail account from $.015/day. Ask for our Mailtrust™ service. Guaranteed!

- Web 101
: Our clients consider us to be the best advisors on the web that they’ve known. We are capable of quickly identifying needs they have and offering them real, reliable solutions for their businesses.

- E-mail Marketing (by Mailfrappe.com): 
Specialized service in E-mail Marketing – take control and realize the reach of your campaigns by e-mail. Know who, when, where, and how many times your e-mails were viewed. Create automatic followers and maximize the loyalty of your clients.

- Remote Support (by Geek Support)
: Get the help of a super Geek from the office to wherever you find yourself. We are experts in computer science, so we can be anywhere we want without leaving the office… cool, huh? We help more than 150 people around the world every month with technical problems, installation, configuration, and other issues from our offices with just one price per hour or per session, depending on the job or agreement.

- Coder on demand (by Geek Support): Get the power of an entire team of programmers capable of developing difficult coding procedures in PHP, MySQL, RUBY, Oracle, .NET, JAVA, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Python, IOS, or AndroidOS.

- Designer on demand (by WORKAHOLIC Designs Studio): Get the power of an entire team of designers available to work with the highest standards of design quality.

- CRM (by Partners Group Company):
 Our Cloud-CRM helps businesses follow up with the right people, at the right time, to maximize relationship ROI. It’s the only thing you need to do after meeting someone new.