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Envato Studio is closing.
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Hi, I'm Heather. I'm a web and UX developer with a background in design. I build websites and applications using a variety of popular tools like WordPress, React, SASS, Grunt, Swift, JavaScript and more. I'm always learning and I strive to make every project I complete better than the last. Best of all, I'm easy to work with - I respond to emails quickly, communicate well and am as patient as needed. Here's what some a past client had to say about me:

"If I could choose my dream team, Heather would be on it. She is the kind of person who takes deadlines and responsibilities seriously and has the skills to make and deliver an excellent product. When we commit to launching something the entire team knows we can rely on Heather to get it done and done well.

I love working with Heather because we can brainstorm what we want and she will understand exactly what needs to be done. No spec doc or a jira ticket with every single detail is required. This is massive when you need to move fast and need a team of people who just get it. Heather is the kind of person I'd definitely want and rehire to be on my team. She is always improving herself and skills. Great to work with and everyone enjoys working with her, she is a delight. Feel free to contact me if you'd like a recommendation for Heather. "