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BulgariaJoined November 2013

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Can't find what you are looking for? I also do custom projects based on your brief.

My name is Martin Tomov. You can check here my Linked In Profile: http://bg.linkedin.com/in/tomov/

ITWS is EU VAT registered company, registered 2007 and operational since 2008. Our expertise is - Websites (Flash or HTML5), Web applications (PHP or HTML5/CSS/JS), Wordpress and it's API, Facebook applications (Flash or HTML5), Mobile apps (HTML5 + Phonegap or Flash + Adobe Air), Prezi presentation, Consultancy Services, Data analysis and visualizations, any API integrations. Our main strength is that we are several people under one idea, working together for more than 4+ years with a clear focus on delivering quality products and building strong, long term relations with our clients.

Personal and Company History:
I've been working on the IT development field since early 2003, one of my first domains is hometrip.net (check the Whois to verify).

from 2003-2009 I had regular jobs - internet marketing (for GMI USA), web hosting (Liquid Net - Resellerspanel.com and Ancient Media), web dev and PM (DEPOiLAB - web studio).

During all this time I was always looking for a sustainable way to go out of the 9 to 5 circle and to be able to work for myself. During the period 2003-2009 I was working mainly as a PM and front end developer, waiting for brighter times when no IE6 would exist :) This was the time I cooperated with a couple of old colleagues from my hosting job that were quite good programmers and we succeed to make our own CMS, although I was using heavily Wordpress and its API, no matter it was far from perfect these days. I also worked with almost any other open source software that was most popular these days - Mambo (now Joomla), OS commerce, Zencart, BBpress etc. etc.

In 2008 I had already my own company and I was servicing some long term clients. Encouraged of the success, in 2009 I've decided to quit my regular job and to start working as a freelancer. I took a loan of ~$8K and just then the crisis hit the market. Hard. I had enough experience to survive, cooperating with other people and mastering my skill in PM, front-end development and programming, mainly Javascript and PHP. In the same time I managed to build sustainable relationship with very talented flashers, php programmers and some quite good designers. 2009 was hard to survive but we succeeded. Together.

In 2010 I had already sustainable environment for ITWS and I focused more on PM and development. This was the year for the new Facebook applications and we developed quite a lot of them - in HTML and Flash as well several websites. I was a partner for more than an year with some big clients and we developed apps for brands like Grants, Captain Morgan, Mo√ęt & Chandon, MAM and others for the Bulgarian Market. I have continued to grow my company network with people that are mind-alike - programmers, developers, designers that want to work for themselves and in the same time have the security of a regular job, and in the same time are tech aware, always looking for new things, techniques. This model has proven so result oriented and effective that we all agree that will use it in the future and will grow together this way.

By the end of 2011 we have strong positions in the Bulgarian Market and we were servicing already a couple of foreign companies, again long term. I have filtered the people I am working with and up to 2011 we started to make a "gang" of professionals with at least 4+ years of experience. This allowed me to focus on PM, WordPress API integration (that was already impressive as improvements) and advanced front-end with more complex Javascript logic behind. And I started to do Prezi presentations as well.

In 2012 I become Qualified Google Analytics Professional and one of the few Prezi Experts (Raketa.co). We have skilled in advanced Facebook applications with user management, advanced websites with integration of the latest technologies - HTML5, Bootstrap and other css tools and grids, new js libraries, Phonegap Mobile applications based on backbone.js etc. We were already doing Responsive websites.

In 2013 we have extended our network covering more clients and mastering our existing skills, most of my partners have their own companies and we're raising as a decentralized corporation of skilled professionals united under the brand ITWS. We became Prezi experts for second year as well as Authorized Podio Partners.

We would love to discuss and complete any interesting project as well to participate in any type of cooperation with other specialists around the globe.