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Blogger, Entrepreneur & Web/Software Developer ( Php | Js | Html | Css ). Jay writes, codes and take care of business. Jay also refer's to himself in a third person. Writing keeps Jay sane... Then again, it doesn't always work.

Currently Home based software developer, 28 years old and father of two, Committed at work but also appreciate my time at home with my family. Based off of North Central park.

As for qualification:

Technical Diploma in Computer science by age 14. Became a Software developer empirically and self taught through out the following 14 years ( Life Passion, I never stop learning ). Attended College for 3 years for Administration [ Did not finish ]. Went on to continue Software development Track.

Proficiency: Full Stack *PHP *JS *HTML *CSS ( No particular order )

Work with laravel, symfony2 and Codeigniter.

Tools of preference.

Sass over less.
Gulp over grunt.
Laravel || Symfony2 over code igniter. Laravel if I'm into active record, symfony2 for data mapper. Never fancied swapping either's native ORM's.
Typescript over Coffeescript ( No real Reason ).
Light work with Angular2.

I have done some .Net and Java, mainly because most CS and Design pattern books examples are written in the latter.

Light Ruby.

Bilingual: English & Spanish Both Native Spoken and Written.

And it looks like I have rambled on, when I was supposed to write a summary; If anyone actually read through here, thank you for your attention and your patience, and if it's ok by you ( cause you might be the chatty type too ), feel free to contact me if you happen to be in need of a New York based engineer or if maybe you just have a question.