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My editing career started in high school when I started pointing out typos in a script I’d been handed. By the time I graduated high school, I was proofreading memos, flyers, and nearly anything else anyone put in front of me...regardless of whether or not I was asked. I continued proofreading marketing materials and business communications throughout college and grad school. As I became involved with fan fiction and online writing communities, I started offering line and structural editing, helping others strengthen their writing. It led to a brief volunteer editing gig with Project Gutenberg, and a part-time proofreading job that led into a full-time assistant editor position at a now-closed test production company. Over the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to provide line and structural editing for marketing/promotional materials, business communications, business and project proposals, resumes, college essays, game manuals, text-based roleplaying forums, and short stories.

I want to help people create the cleanest, clearest piece of writing they are currently capable of. I can proofread, line, and structural edit a wide variety of text-based materials to a high degree of accuracy, offering editing suggestions that often include a little bit of instruction to help the writer develop their own writing skills. suggestions often include a little bit of instruction to help the writer grow their own skills. I’m known for not being able to stop myself from teaching...or proofreading...or editing. Really, I’m the editor you want on your side.