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Hi, I’m Roberto Jorge.
37 years old living in Algarve – Portugal.

My Background!
• Have a great Passion for Motion Graphics and Photography.

• Since 10 years ago that i develop projects regarding Motion Graphics, mainly to local business purposes and personal / friends requests.

• In 2010 i decided to go a little bit further and successfully started to make some of my work available worldwide trough some on-line marketplaces like Videohive wich has had a good acceptance and feedback.

• In 2011 i also made my self available for some works at Freelancer witch has been a nice experience.
I also created to concentrate my portfolio in one more personalized website. And as you can see this year i have changed the website design to better fit my purposes and serve better my costumers.

• Im a teacher at Turismo de Portugal and Corporate Trainer in the area of Restaurant and Bar Management, Enology and Wine Tasting, witch i love.
All my free time is mainly spent making motion graphics projects and with family and friends.

• Don’t like to sleep much, in fact if it was possible i wouldn’t sleep at all, in my opinion it’s just a waste of time :) .

• What you can expect from me is that i will give 100% of me while making your project so i can accomplish the task with the best results possible.