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my name is Florian (short: Flow) but I'm better known as WP-Buddy. I'm a 28 years old Diploma Engineer (FH) who has specialized making WordPress plugins in 2013. Since late 2012 I'm selling WordPress plugins via CodeCanyon.

I'm original Bavarian (If you don't know where this is: it's in Germany :) ). When I was a 13-year-old my parents had the idea to buy me a computer. I decided to check that thing out and got addicted. You wouldn't believe that it took me several days to figure out that there was no Windows on it :) When I got internet access I a) blocked my parents telephone line the whole day and b) I started programming in PHP. I was already known as a computer geek at that time.

Just after finishing secondary-modern school (in the year 2000) I made my first website for money. The fact is: I was a 16-year old entrepreneur. Really cool for me at that time.

I learnt to be an electrician, too and finished my apprenticeship in 2003. But to be on a building-site was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I decided to study media technologies. But before I could do that I needed to visit the college of further education for two years to get the entrance requirement for a higher education. In other words: learning, learning, learning...

Surprisingly, Uncle Sam was knocking on my door. He said that I have to do military service for about one year. But I decided to do community service instead.

And I still coded websites.

Finally I started studying media technologies at the Institute of Technology in Deggendorf (Bavaria/Germany). Yepee! During my studies I worked as an assistant for different professors, managed our faculty website and got a job at the universities IT help desk.

In 2009 I did a study-abroad semester. I went to Australia. At the Queensland University of Technology I enrolled to marketing and Web 2.0 technologies (of course I traveled Australia which definitely was the best time of my life). Back home I did an internship in an international electronics company in Munich. To get my diploma degree I wrote my thesis there, too.

During the last month of my studies I've specialized to media informatics.

When I was writing my thesis I thought about my future and decided to build my own business. I wanted to create an online shop to sell tea. So I started programming a shop using the Zend Framework and jQuery. This idea didn't really succeed and we decided to shut it down in 2011.

I left university as a diploma engineer in 2010.

Then I searched for a different approach to make money. I started to work as a social media consultant. I ran from company to company to sell our services but no one believed that Facebook or Twitter could be important. Everyone told me "It's just a hype". To be the early bird is sometimes not easy ...

Next idea was called "BuyMyDay". It was a platform where German users where able to buy one day in my life to promote their products with a video. But to be honest: such crazy ideas don't work in a conservative country like Germany :)

Yes, a lot of my projects where without success. But this is just one side of the story. The other one is that developing those sites was not only great fun. It also was useful for my future, too. I constantly improved my programming skills.

Lessons learned: Keep on coding and never stop!

I decided to do what I can do best: coding. This is what I was doing for over 10 years. And this finally worked out very well. In late 2012 I've started to make WordPress plugins. First for free than for money. And this is what I'm currently doing at wp-buddy.com.

I have a wide knowledge of WordPress. My customers not only come from Germany but also from Italy, Spain, Canada, England, Australia, Denmark, India, USA and a lot more. Most of them are very happy with my products as you can see on the ratings on CodeCanyon.

Personally sports is a big part of my life and something like a muse for my creativity. I've started to ride mountain bike in 2011. In 2013 I thought I can run a half-marathon in less than 2 hours without any experience. You know what? I did it! But not in 2 hours but in 2 hours and 5 minutes :) I think this is not really bad after three months of training, isn't it? :)

I'm a coder whole-heartedly. So you shouldn't wonder that I'm playing around with "toys" like the Raspberry Pi in my free time, too. Furthermore I'm a salsa dancer, digeridoo player and a semi-professional photographer.

To keep a long story short: I love three things: coding, sports and challenges.

Hopefully I can work together with you make your own dreams come true!